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Video Arrestation Quebec:- It is revealed that this young lad, who is under the age of majority, is a protégé of M. Martel-Bahoéli, who instructs him at the Nordik Boxing Club in the city of Bergen, Norway. His hands are clutched together in his lap, and he seems to be completely immobile. Doing something like this to a young kid, even if it is done for free, is not appropriate. Throughout the conversation, there are allusions to serving and safeguarding the young man at issue, as well as the fact that they are awaiting more information on his health and status.

Video Arrestation Quebec

It is possible, according to Eric Martel-Bahoéli, that such a gesture may inflame tensions between police officers and members of the black community, or even between police officers and Native Americans.

Video Arrestation Quebec

That hasn’t gone down well with me in the least. It is neither a gang of robbers nor a bunch of unhappy kids; rather, it is something in between. According to what I am aware of, the young people who are joining the workforce do not represent a bunch of troublemakers. That was awful, in my opinion, and I’m not alone in thinking so.

Specifically, he is afraid that a comparable tragedy will have the unintended effect of ruining all of the intervention work that he and his colleagues are now engaged in with young people at their boxing facility. After being born and raised in Québec and having lived in the Old City for many years, M. Martel-Bahoéli believes that the SPVQ should recruit more black officers, and he believes they should do it fast.

Video Arrestation Quebec

In the whole province of Quebec, there isn’t a single black police officer to be seen! When you look at the city of Québec and the police force, which is meant to be reflective of the people, and you realize that there is only one black police officer in the whole province, it does not seem natural, according to the author’s observations.

On Saturday evening, the mayor of Québec, Bruno Marchand, replied to the video by writing a comment on his Twitter account, which was then shared widely. According to the press, he has said that he is upset by these images and has pledged that justice would be done on these issues. In an emotional outburst on social media late Saturday night, Webster, a singer, and activist expressed his sentiments.

With these horrifying images, a person who has long accused the Quebec Police Department of racial profiling has been justified in his or her accusation. In the meantime, we hope that justice is served, that the leadership of the SPVQ clearly condemns this sort of assault, and that proper action is taken as a consequence of this condemnation and action.

These youngsters come to M. Martel-Bahoéli in search of activities that are both physical and social in character, which he is able to supply them with. M. Martel-Bahoéli also collaborates with the Direction de la Protection de la Jeunesse to provide assistance to children and adolescents.

He refuses to give up the stone, however, since he believes that there are certain bad officers who ruin the image of the whole confrérie and that it is the police department’s obligation to detect and remove them from the ranks.

To say I was taken aback when I saw the young guy who I knew would be an understatement. And second, I was outraged, to say the least, when I saw the police officer make an unnecessary gesture.

What exactly is the aim of all of this? This young man is just a youngster or at the very least a young person! In an adult discourse, it has no place, and the fact that it is a young person who is not yet of legal drinking age enrages the guy, who is a native of Québec and so understands the situation.

Video Arrestation Quebec

Given what has been learned from watching the recordings, it seems as though the conduct of the agents involved is raising substantial worry among those in command of the police department.

The SPVQ quickly acted upon being notified of this situation, conducting an investigation into the aforementioned films and taking all the required steps to guarantee that the essential actions were taken, as indicated in the communiqué. In addition, it should be highlighted that the module of professional standards has been alerted to the existence of the module.

As stated in the most recent news release issued by the SPVQ, efforts are still to ascertain the identity of the agents who were part of the operation. The nature of the policy engagement, other than that, has not been disclosed, which has prompted fury among a huge number of individuals on social media sites, particularly on Twitter.

Particularly relevant to this is the example of professional boxer Eric Martel-Bahoeli, who posted a video of the incident on his Facebook page, in which he described one of the police officer’s actions as “disgraceful and dégoûtant.”

There is, among other things, a police officer who is willingly sprinkling snow on the face of an adolescent who is immobilized on the ground, face against the ground, by many of his colleagues, visible in the images.

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