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Babysitting Cream Hack | Babysitting Cream Hack is a collaboration between artist Aval0nX and coder Avian that is played in a flash environment. Protofan published the Flash game conversion of Ren’Py in March 2020.

Babysitting Cream Hack

It is he who portrays Sonic The Hedgehog who has a huge favor to ask of his long-distance neighbor, Vanilla the Rabbit, who is planning a trip for a week and will be unable to bring Cream with her.

Babysitting Cream Hack

This was accomplished by decompiling the most recent official flash version of Aval0nX and upgrading visuals using artificial intelligence upscalers, as well as resolving certain bugs and re-implementing several problematic scenes.

Babysitting Cream Hack

Amy has been hard at work this week. Would Sonic be willing to look after Elite? She hands over the keys to the house as well as the tax money, assuring that both Sonic and Cream would get “BIG” incentives when she returns.

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