Bald Cleetus

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Bald Cleetus | Purchase the naturally aspirated version of the camshaft that Cleetus McFarland is now running in “Leroy,” his nasty C5 Corvette on the racetrack! Naturally aspirated versions of the Bald Eagle camshaft are excellent choices for engines equipped with cathedral-port cylinder heads and not equipped with a supercharger. When compared to the boosted version of the Bald Eagle cam, it will have a little bit more chop at idling.

Bald Cleetus
Bald Cleetus

A big amount of Murcia is included, as well as an abundance of bald eagles! While we will not divulge the exact specifications of the camshaft, we can tell you that the duration at.050 is around “The intake and exhaust pressures are 227/234 for the intake and exhaust, respectively.

Bald Cleetus
Bald Cleetus

Your New Texas Speed Camshaft Has a Number of Advantages

  • The Texas Speed LS3 “Bald Eagle” camshaft, made famous by Cletus McFarland and “Leroy,” which is Cletus McFarland’s nasty ass C5 Corvette, are both available for purchase.
  • According to the manufacturer, this camshaft delivers a significant dosage of ‘Murcia while also being teeming with bald eagles!
  • Despite the fact that the entire specifications will not be revealed, we can affirm that this camshaft has a duration of 0.50 seconds “The intake and exhaust ports have 229/242 mm diameters, respectively.
  • The Cletus McFarland “Bald Eagle” is intended to be a superb combination of everyday driver and high-performance machines that will provide you with significant increases in horsepower and torque.
  • It has been shown by the staff at Texas Speed & Performance that this camshaft is the ideal option for either automatic or manual transmissions – with automatic automobiles requiring a minimum of 2,800 stall converter to function properly.

Regardless of where you are in the globe, we are pleased to mail things to you. We recommend that you contact us BEFORE making your purchase if you reside outside of the Continental United States (Lower 48) in order to get an accurate delivery price.

Outlaw Race Engines reserves the right to charge extra shipping costs or reject orders submitted for delivery outside of the United States without first obtaining a shipping quotation from the company. All refund requests are subject to acceptance by Outlaw Race Engines and/or the manufacturer. Returns will not be accepted unless return permission has been obtained.

The Cleetus McFarland “Bald Eagle” Camshaft, available exclusively from LSX Performance Parts, is the ultimate improvement for your LS engine construction. Texas Speed & Performance products have been proudly demonstrated in some of the quickest street and competition vehicles in the country.

Bald Cleetus
Bald Cleetus

Despite its modest origins, Texas Speed & Performance was established in 2003. Texas Speed & Performance has quickly risen to become one of the nation’s biggest performance manufacturers and retailers of high-end LSX and LT1 engine and transmission systems.

With a combined 30+ years of expertise in the high-performance industry, Trevor Doelling and Jason Magnum (Texas Speed & Performance Founders) continue to work hard to study and manufacture the greatest quality performance components for your project. To do this, they use an in-house state-of-the-art Superflow engine dyno to evaluate their product line.

All requests for return permission must be submitted within 30 days of the date of the initial transaction. It is not possible to return any goods that have been installed or that have been custom-built. If you cancel your order, you will be charged a 5 percent cancellation fee, and returns will be charged a 15 percent restocking cost. Customers are responsible for any and all return shipping costs. Every claim for a product warranty must be addressed directly with the product’s maker.

At idle, it has a lovely lope to it, and it is a simple camshaft to tune. Automatic-equipped cars will be required to have a torque converter with a stall speed of at least 2,800 RPM. Once correctly calibrated, this cam may be used on a regular basis without causing any problems.

This cam may be used with either the PAC Racing 1219 single beehive valve springs or our TSP dual spring package, which includes polished dual valve springs from PAC Racing, titanium retainers, spring seats from Titanium Spring Products, and valve seals from Valve Seal Products.

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