CODPTS.Com COD Mobile: Free CP On COD Mobile

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CODPTS.Com COD Mobile:- Call of Duty is a multiplayer video game that has quickly risen to become the most popular game in the world. It is accessible for free on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. However, there are certain goods in the game that must be purchased in order to play, and in order to acquire these items, you must have the game currency CP, which must be purchased as well.

CODPTS.Com COD Mobile is a website that lets you create free in-game cash by filling out a form on the site. COD Mobile CP is a website that generates COD Mobile CP. However, user feedback indicates that does not deliver on its claim of providing free in-game cash.

Nevertheless, it is worth checking out. receives a great deal of negative criticism on the internet. If is legitimate and not a scam, we will also give information on how to use if it is legitimate and not a fraud.

Obtaining free CP game currency may be accomplished using the following methods:

  • To visit the website, please click here.
  • On the second step, click on the button that reads “Start Earning CP Today.”
  • Now, within the box, insert your Call of Duty login and press enter.
  • Complete the tasks set for you by the website in order to earn free CP.
  • Now, in COD Mobile, input the amount of CP you desire to get and press the Start button.
  • Finally, please wait a few seconds for the verification process to be completed before proceeding.
  • Following verification, the CP will be added to your game’s inventory.

What exactly is’s free CP?

Call of Duty Mobile gamers may benefit from’s free CP, which is an online generator site that delivers services in the form of free CP to users of the game. Indeed, the existence of this kind of service piques the interest of many gamers, who are eager to try their luck and hope that their account will be eligible for free CP at

CODPTS.Com COD Mobile Free CP On Call Of Duty Mobile Using This Code

We already know that in the Call of Duty Mobile game, CP is the currency and that it can be used to purchase stuff and unique equipment in the game using it. Therefore, a significant number of individuals are interested in using quick techniques to get CP for free, without requiring gamers to invest a single cent of their own funds.

This CP currency is not accessible for free use on the internet. CP contributes to the overall efficacy of the game by allowing you to purchase intriguing characters and goods in the game with CP’s assistance. is the only website that allows you to produce this money for free online.


Scam or Legit?

On the website, it is said that gamers and users will get free CP that they may spend on Call of Duty: Mobile. This guarantee, on the other hand, is a hoax that puts you at risk of being a security risk. So, once again, please do not use this website for any purpose.

We further discourage you from putting any payment or transaction information onto the website, including credit card numbers. You should also refrain from making any kind of microtransactions on the website. CP does not recognize as an authorized Call of Duty CP website.


Do not input any personal information, such as email addresses or home addresses, since doing so may expose you to the danger of a possible security breach. When you visit the page, you will be prompted to download and install other third-party software, as well as malware. As a result, your information and device are seriously endangered. If there is a leak in the future, it is possible that sensitive information may be exposed.

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