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How to Complete Quest 5 Broken Isle Genshin Impact Stones

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Complete Quest 5 Broken Isle Genshin Impact Stones
Complete Quest 5 Broken Isle Genshin Impact Stones

Complete Quest 5 Broken Isle Genshin Impact Stones | The Golden Apple Archipelago in Genshin Impact’s Golden Apple Island contains a peculiar puzzle that may be found on Broken Isle. Our Genshin Impact guide will walk you through the process of completing the rock puzzle (which is not a global quest) and earning prizes.

Broken Isle in Genshin Impact 1.6 has a challenging puzzle that is well worth solving. This version, to my disappointment, does not include Inazuma. Midsummer Island, a new location for players to discover, was introduced as a result of the update. Several smaller islands may be found on this island, one of which is the Broken Isle, which players can explore.

Complete Quest 5 Broken Isle Genshin Impact Stones
Complete Quest 5 Broken Isle Genshin Impact Stones

It’s possible that gamers discovered a mural while exploring the Broken Isle. Not only that, but players may also come across five ponds, which are plainly visible on the island’s map. It’s interesting to note that those objects aren’t there for decorative purposes. They are a piece of a much broader jigsaw than they realize.

According to an in-game countdown, the Golden Apple Archipelago is a limited-time region for patch 1.6, and it will no longer be accessible after July 20. Make certain that you have completed your world tasks and collected your rewards before that time. This is the version of the quest in which we are asked to erect the tower on the island that has been shattered. So, where can we get the answer to our quest question?

As a result, the first stage is to take a photograph of the mural on Broken Isle, which will then be used as a baseline for the construction of 5 pitched stones on the coastline in the following steps. Please view the following image for further information about the five stone towers.

Complete Quest 5 Broken Isle Genshin Impact Stones
Complete Quest 5 Broken Isle Genshin Impact Stones

To know how much water is in each pond, three lines have been carved into a neighboring rock formation so that you can see how much is in it. The first line indicates that it is partially filled, the middle line indicates that it is halfway filled, and the top line indicates that it is completely filled.

Each pond is equipped with rock pedals that may be used to regulate the water level. With the left pedal, you drain the water, while the right pedal raises the water level. To activate the rock, you must stand on it.

If you look closely at the main picture of our guide at the top of this page, you’ll see that there are five strange-looking pillars immediately north of the fast travel point on Broken Isle. In addition, each pillar contains a number of “scratch marks” ranging from one to five. Aside from that, there are five stones that when you tread on them, will make a sound. For the time being, we won’t have to worry about them.

Instead, you’ll want to proceed to the southwestern portion of the center rock formation to see the best views (below the fast travel point). You’ll discover a minigame called Painted Ground/Painted Wall in this area. Simply equip the Harpastum device, enter the indicated region, then press the “E” key to launch the projectile. When the ball returns to your character, use the left-click button on your mouse to hurl it back against the wall (similar to how tennis is played).

The artwork on Broken Isle provides instructions on how to complete the puzzle. The island of Broken Isle has five little ponds, and you must fill them with the appropriate quantities of water so that they correlate to the mural on the island.

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