David Morris Clydach Documentary

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David Morris Clydach Documentary
David Morris Clydach Documentary

David Morris Clydach Documentary – The man’s family, responsible for the heinous Clydach murders, spoke to The Mirror about their struggle to cleanse his name. South Wales Police said they talked to both people and obtained advice from the Crown prosecutor’s office, which indicated that no information regarding Morris’ conviction was made public.

David Morris, 59, killed 34-year-old Mandy Power, her 80-year-old mother Doris Dawson, and her ten-year-old daughter Katie. All four had been shocked to death with a stick before your house catching fire. The former builder was imprisoned for at least 32 years after being convicted of his crimes for the second time in 2006.

David Morris Clydach Documentary
David Morris Clydach Documentary

The Court of Appeal vacated an earlier conviction and ordered a new trial. Morris died in Worcestershire at the HMP Long Lartin, where he had spent the most of his life, a jail spokesman said. HM P Long Lartin prisoner David Morris died on August 20.

LAST YEAR, the BBC Wales Investigates program raised concerns about the conviction, which was the subject of Morris’ long-standing innocence.

Two potential witnesses were interviewed—one said he never spoke to the police officers, while the other stated that he called the police to report what he observed.

“In January 2021, the South Wales Police began an inquiry into David Morris’ legal representation,” a police spokesman said.

“It is likely that additional witnesses found during the case’s BBC Wales Investigations program were also a result of this article.

“Detectives interviewed both witnesses as part of their inquiry, and the Crown Prosecution Service stated that there was no information about David Morris’ conviction.

‘For the Devon and Cornwall Police, a senior investigating officer, deputy, and forensic investigator are now undertaking an investigative review that takes into account forensic issues raised in the BBC documentary.

“While our efforts continue, our sympathies are with the families and individuals affected by this situation.”

David Morris Clydach Documentary
David Morris Clydach Documentary

Morris was arrested when Alison Lewis, Ms. Power’s girlfriend, was placed on the finger of suspicion.

Miss Lewis and her ex-husband Stephen, a former South Wales Police officer, were arrested on suspicion of assassination one year after their deaths.

Mr. Lewis’s brother Stuart, who is also a police officer, was arrested and charged with perverting the court. They have all been released of their own will.

The Clydach inquiry was the largest and most complex assassination inquiry undertaken by a Welsh police force.

David Morris, 57, is currently serving a life sentence for the 1999 murders of mommy Mandy Power, 34, 80-year-old mummy Doris, and their two young children, Emily, 10, and Katie, who shocked the nation in the peaceful suburban street of Clydach, South Wales.

Initially mistaken for a deadly house fire investigation, the magnitude of the scene in front of them became clear immediately.

Initially, in an amazing love triangle, one former and two South Wales Police officers were charged but never prosecuted, and local worker David Morris was arrested.

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