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Drew Carey Eye Surgery:- Carey underwent refractive surgery to correct his vision and, for a time, did not require glasses; however, he continued to wear them in public to maintain his celebrity status and to be recognized. At an ABC party on Friday night, Carey joked.

Drew Carey Eye Surgery
Drew Carey Eye Surgery

“The two bad things about me getting LASIK surgery that I realized were that I have a whole career built around me wearing these black horn-rim glasses, and the second bad thing about it is that I can see myself naked in the shower now,” she said after removing her glasses.

Currently, Drew Carey is hosting the long-running daytime game show The Price is Right, showing himself to be a capable substitute for the show’s long-serving previous presenter, Bob Barker. (At the conclusion of each episode, Carey repeats his predecessor’s call to spay and neuter pets.)

Drew Carey Eye Surgery
Drew Carey Eye Surgery

Prior to that, the 60-year-old had two very popular television shows, including a self-titled comedy and the improvised Whose Line Is It Anyway? series. Take a peek at some facts about the comic book character who wears glasses that you may not have known.

Carey has written on a regular basis throughout his career, including when he was building his stand-up comedy routines in his early stand-up career and later when he was assisting in the scripting of television comedies. His autobiography, Dirty Jokes, and Beer:

Stories of the Unrefined was released in 1997, and it included recollections of his early upbringing as well as the loss of his father when he was eight years old, which he shared with the reader. He also claimed that he had been molested in the past, that he had suffered from episodes of despair, and that he had attempted suicide twice by eating a significant quantity of sleeping tablets.

When asked about the long-term future of his ABC sitcom, Carey said it has been holding its own against NBC’s The West Wing among younger viewers. Carey couldn’t help but tease an impending February sweep stunt for the show (“I’m going to go into a coma… and Mimi has the baby”), but he was less optimistic about the show’s short-term future.

When Carey reached rock bottom, he began reading self-help books such as the University of Success and Your Erroneous Zones to help him recover. Carey’s way of thinking was altered as a result of the books, which helped him to move on from his disappointing state of mind. Later, he relocated to California, where he enlisted in the Marine Reserves and started to consider a career in stand-up comedy.

Drew Carey Eye Surgery
Drew Carey Eye Surgery

“It’s going to be my final year on the contract, and you know, it’s extremely difficult” to figure out what to do, he said. “The series has truly taken a significant amount of effort. It’s turned out to be a lot more labor-intensive than I had anticipated. It becomes more difficult to come up with stories after a while. If you’re doing a hundred or so episodes, every time you choose something, you’re saying, ‘We did that, we did that,’ and it’s becoming repetitive, “he said.

However, he has taken up sailing since having the surgery and no longer has to worry about sea spray getting on his glasses—which are the clear lenses he is seen wearing on The Drew Carey Show and Whose Line is It Anyway?—and is enjoying the increased peripheral vision that has resulted from it.

His collegiate fraternity years at Kent State University, as well as his professional experience up to that point, are discussed in the book. However, although this was true for many years, he disclosed on the May 17, 2006, edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live! that he had truly acquired a need for bifocals after turning 40. Carey now divides her time between Los Angeles and New York City.

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