Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth

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Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth | $30 Million

Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth | Elizabeth Lyn Vargas is an American reality tv celebrity who has a net worth of $30 million. She is the daughter of an expert businessman. Her most notable television appearance was as a cast member of the reality television series The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth
Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth


During her first season, Elizabeth was frank with her followers. She added that since her father was a traveling preacher, the family didn’t have much money and had to move around a lot when she was little. On the other hand, Elizabeth opted to build her nest egg after marrying into a wealthy family and is now the CEO of an online music firm. In addition, according to Cheat Sheet, she is worth a considerable sum.

Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth
Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth


In the first season of their various series, there is no lack of Real Housewives newcomers demonstrating who they are as individuals. In the same way, your new full-time housewife Elizabeth Lyn Vargas isn’t going to back out either. Elizabeth’s ex-husband was a contestant on the reality television show Undercover Boss and had an estimated net worth of $200 million.


A deal with Eagle Rock Entertainment (which controls the rights to concerts and documentary films), according to the site, has been signed by the newest housewife. In her thoughtful manner, Elizabeth negotiated a contract with the whole Universal Music Group, resulting in a way that is believed to be worth $30 million.


Elizabeth is not one to sit back and let her accomplishments go to her head. Earlier this year, her new business endeavor, Vargas Vodka, was revealed to be her brainchild. Regarding her academic education, Elizabeth attended Cornish College of the Arts, specializing in jazz vocal performance. She also established her dinner theatre, dubbed the Vargas Girls Cabaret, where she entertained guests.

Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth
Elizabeth Vargas Rhoc Net Worth

Perasonal Life

Elizabeth’s relationship with Kelly Dodd assisted her in earning her orange in season 15 of the show. Fans are already known of the Missouri native’s extravagant lifestyle even though the new season has only been airing for two weeks. She’s also not scared to disclose personal information and be open and honest in talks with others.

Elizabeth revealed intimate facts about her romantic past in the very first episode of the series. She spoke up about who she sees right now, as well as who she was married to in the past.


According to Decider, Elizabeth was going through a divorce when her first season of RHOC production began. In an Instagram Story from July, she informed her followers that her divorce had been finalized. Elizabeth claimed that she felt “thrilled” and “sad” at the same time and that she didn’t know what to make of it.

She’s just lately (and rather, finally) shown us what she’s got, with the rare appearance on Bravo TV. Her net worth, despite the fact that we know she is the CEO of a music video production firm, was really mind-blowing, according to the information we had access to.

And, when additional facts are revealed, the tale of her life up to this point reveals a great deal about her fortune. Without a doubt, it does. Elizabeth Lyn Vargas was born in Missouri state of the United States. She studied jazz vocals at the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where she graduated with honors. She went on to form the Vargas Girls Jazz Cabaret, which performed in nightclubs all throughout the Seattle area for many years.

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