Hockerty Reviews

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Hockerty Reviews | Hockerty was generous enough to provide us with a complimentary ride for the sake of this evaluation. We’re continuing our series on online made-to-measure apparel by taking a look at some of the alternatives! This time, it’s with Hockerty, a company that you’re probably already acquainted with.

Hockerty Reviews
Hockerty Reviews

You might think of them as a less costly version of the Indochino. Ultimately, they want to provide and appeal to a market that considers even Indochino to be too pricey. Dubious? You should be proud of your achievements, and you should be.

Hockerty Reviews
Hockerty Reviews

We didn’t have big expectations for Hockerty from the beginning, and we weren’t shocked when things didn’t go as planned. While they have done a fantastic job with outerwear in the past, their consistency has been a major problem, and obtaining a good fit once does not ensure that subsequent purchases will come fitting as well, as we observed with their shirts in the past.

Have you gained any weight and want to make some changes to your fit profile? Wishing you the best of luck with that. It’ll never fit the same way again. And that’s assuming everything went according to plan in the first place.

Furthermore, none of this takes into consideration the several lower-cost synthetic textiles they provide (which is not inherently terrible if you are just looking for a cheap garment, but it is something you need to be diligent about and aware of so as not to make any bad mistakes).

Hockerty offers a wonderful, diverse assortment of materials, however, like with other online retailers, many are synthetic mixes, so be cautious and understand what you are purchasing. We chose a stylish plaid design that does not seem to be too horrible in person, however, it does seem and feel a touch flimsy up close.

Hockerty Reviews
Hockerty Reviews

We decided on split pockets and a normal lapel for this look. Overall, we kept it pretty clean and simple. Regarding the overall appearance, the finished outfit was… acceptable in terms of design. In terms of being exceptionally terrible or incorrect, there isn’t much that sticks out about it.


The two vents are evenly placed, and the pockets are comfortably positioned. Of course, at this pricing range, you shouldn’t anticipate finer elements like “barchetta” pockets or other such embellishments. However, they did supply what we had requested.

Hockerty has, to their credit, one of the greatest online ordering experiences of any online MTM, and this is a testament to their success. It’s a lot of fun to use, and you get to see a live updated confirmation of your outfit.


Everything changes in real-time as you make your modifications, and you can see your modifications mirrored in their model in real-time and with pinpoint accuracy. Once again, this is the most endearing aspect of Hockerty. They perform an excellent job in terms of the ordering procedure.

But there are certain things you are unable to do. For example, they do not provide side tabs, which is something I virtually always request on my bespoke suits. The same may be said about properly functioning buttonholes. And so on. However, once again, at this pricing range, all of the major alternatives are available.


As a result, we were apprehensive about getting a suit ($269+) from them, and we didn’t have great expectations for how it would come out. Nonetheless, we are on a quest to cover everything, so we had to give them a chance! The outcomes, on the other hand, were very much in line with what you would anticipate from a firm like Hockerty to be. Let’s break it down a little more.

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