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Https // Access | The expansion of Cox Automotive presents an opportunity to enhance human resource service delivery. Cox Automobile, a significant distributor of goods and services to the automotive industry, has developed rapidly via the purchase of several industry-leading automotive brands, including Kelly Blue Book, Autotrader, and Manheim. Cox Automotive, a part of Cox Enterprise, today has operations in more than 200 countries across the world.

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The potential of ServiceNow IT Service Management, which was already in place at AutoTrader, was instantly recognized by Cox Automotive when it purchased that company in 2011. The company quickly extended its usage of ServiceNow service desk capabilities across other significant brands, including Manheim, and replaced multiple traditional help desk systems as a consequence of the success of this initiative.

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We have some principles

It all begins with a clear vision and a strong commitment from everyone at ServiceNow to make work better for people. Every day, our colleagues come to work motivated by a core set of principles that are all connected to a single mission: to inspire our clients to overcome any problem.

We, at ServiceNow, do the following:

  • Winning as a group is important.
  • Innovate and put your ideas into action.
  • Continue to be hungry and modest.
  • Ensure that customers are satisfied.
  • Accepting differences and fostering a sense of belonging
  • Take pleasure in the voyage
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Is it Safe?

In the words of Donna Woodruff, Director of Team Member Experience and Service Management, “ServiceNow provides a fantastic user experience, and it’s really simple to set up new services from a back-end viewpoint.” Because we have everything in one location, we can react to events more efficiently, and we can assess and improve our overall performance.”


Cox Automotive was able to implement a comprehensive solution in approximately 60 days by using ServiceNow HR Service Delivery. “ServiceNow provided us with everything we needed right out of the box,” says Michael Greenfield, Senior Business Analyst.

We were able to do practically everything we want only via configuration, and we didn’t need the services of a technical team with extensive knowledge to get the job done. We completed all of the work in-house with just two employees.”

The ServiceNow HR self-service portal allows workers to access commonly used HR services in real-time–everything from changing personal information to learning about how to enroll in health or 401(k) plans. Regardless of whether a case is initiated via self-service or through the service center, it is immediately forwarded to the appropriate HR professional.

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