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Https//I.clonephone.coloros.com/Download | Clone Phone, which is the official phone swapping tool from OPPO, is secure and easy, and it can transfer all of your data from your old phone to your new one in a matter of seconds. No data is used by Clone Phone, and your data will be flawlessly transferred to the new phone.


Clone Phone, the official OPPO phone swapping tool, is safe and simple to use, and it is capable of transferring all of your data from your old phone to your new phone. Clone Phone uses no data and transfers your data to the new phone in an error-free manner.


Completely transfer all of your data from your previous phone, including contacts, messages, call history, photographs, videos, audios, files, system application data, installed programs, and their data, as well as system application data and installed applications’ data (e.g., Wechat and QQ chat records).


What precisely is a clone phone, and how does it work?

OPPO Clone Phone is a common file-transfer application developed by OPPO. Specific applications necessitate the use of devices from the same manufacturer or running the same operating system on both the old and new devices.

If you use this specific tool, you won’t have to be concerned about it whatsoever. To begin, open the app on your OPPO phone and choose the phone type—whether it will be the new phone or the old phone from which the data will be transferred—from which the data will be transferred.

Scan the QR code to establish a connection between the two phones. It is possible to transfer data and files between two phones by utilizing their Wi-Fi connections and so avoiding the consumption of data. There is no other equipment necessary, such as a computer, a connecting line, or a network. Data and files may be transferred directly to the new phone, saving you time while also preventing privacy breaches.

Following that, the app will generate a QR code that can be used to access your second phone. Thus, even if there is no internet connection or cable, the two will be tied together in this manner. The app on the other phone will open, and you’ll be prompted to scan the code once again to complete the transfer.

If your old phone does not have a Clone phone feature, you may use this method.

  1. Press the button To install, you may either press the Install button, which will bring you to a web browser, or open a web browser on your phone and manually copy the following link: https://i.clonephone.coloros.com/download

Please keep in mind that this will only function if you open it with your mobile phone. This will not open in your browser on your PC. In addition, you must manually input the URL into the browser on your phone’s screen.

When you input the URL above, you will be prompted to download the Clone Phone downloader APK file, which will be located in the Downloads folder. If you want to modify the location of the folder, just press “Change the directory” and then tap “Save.”.

  1. Once the download is complete, click on the next button. Go to the notification panel for the downloaded file on your home screen, or go to Files/File Manager and tap the “APK” folder, or whatever folder you chose to store the file to, on your home screen. “PhoneCloneDownloaded.apk” file, then choose “Install” from the drop-down menu.
  2. Once the installation has been done, choose “Done,” and you will be able to begin transferring files immediately.

Please keep in mind that the length of the Clone Phone procedure is determined by the amount of data you want to transmit. Please be patient while the data is being transmitted in its entirety. This productivity tool, which was developed by ColorOS, is widely considered the official phone switching utility for the OPPO mobile phone brand.


Last Word

Because the transfer is started by scanning a QR code, it is compatible with two different mobile phone manufacturers and even two different mobile operating systems on the same device. Transfer all of your data from your previous phone, including contacts, messages, call history, photographs, videos, audio, files, system application data, installed applications and their data, and any other data you have on the old phone.

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