Jeanette Aw Husband

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Jeanette Aw Husband – Less cloaked about her present connection with a Caucasian guy called Marcus, Jeanette Aw seems open about her past relationship with a male she dated in college. “Almost the whole plane” to Singapore, Aw said on her trip. When she was in China, friends, and admirers brought her masks and antiseptic wipes.

Jeanette Aw Husband
Jeanette Aw Husband

An actress from Singapore has also returned from Guangzhou, where her family spent the Chinese New Year. After a business trip to Singapore, she wrote that she and her two kids were staying in Shanghai to finish personal issues. Peh and Qi have two children, ages 2 and 4.

Jeanette Aw Husband
Jeanette Aw Husband

The unfaithful man Jeanette met via her dancing group finally came to his senses and terminated their year-and-a-half relationship. But letting goes emotionally was difficult.

Jeanette Aw couldn’t visit her family for the Chinese New Year. It took her till February 3 to return to Singapore from Beijing, to shoot a holiday drama.

“By the way, please stop asking whether I have seen a doctor (or) if I need quarantine,” Aw, 40, said on Facebook. The woman says she’s staying home “to be responsible to me and others.”

Also, in April, Jeanette will share the 2015 Star Awards with Vivian Lai after a decade of being voted into the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artists. “I’m thrilled,” she smiled. “My fans chose me as their All-Time Favorite, and I am deeply honored.”

Fan outrage at her exclusion from this year’s Best Actress nominees taints the occasion for pleasure. Instead of sharing her disappointment at not receiving a nod, she expressed gratitude for her fans’ concern and support, asking them to continue to watch her dramas.

“Residents returning from China are advised to take a 14-day leave. Don’t worry; I’m fine.” “Before I left, I asked my mum to stock my fridge with fruits,” she said on Instagram.

Jeanette Aw Husband
Jeanette Aw Husband

The actress said she can now speak about her challenging relationship since it no longer affects her. In the upcoming WaWa Pictures/Channel U drama, Jessica Liu co-wrote. The fact that he was seeing other women simultaneously didn’t occur to me at the time.

She admitted to this affair, a girl who never dared to speak out or defend herself and done less time with her friends in favor of her boyfriend. Like those TV drama ladies that make you wonder, ‘Why are you so dumb!’

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