Lanterna Kitchen Nightmares

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Lanterna Kitchen Nightmares
Lanterna Kitchen Nightmares

Lanterna Kitchen Nightmares:- Chef Gordon Ramsay pays a visit to the La Lanterna restaurant in Letchworth, Hertfordshire, in this episode of Kitchen Nightmares. Owner/chef Alexander Scott founded La Lanterna after being inspired by childhood Italian vacations. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 60 people.

Despite the fact that this renowned restaurant makeover program ended in 2014, there are still lots of behind-the-scenes mysteries about Kitchen Nightmares that you probably didn’t know about until now. Gordon is there for a dinner service during which Alex is running around the kitchen wired on Red Bull but is not properly cooking.

Alex, who would rather play golf than prepare for the restaurant, just shows up before the start of service. Things aren’t much better at the front of the house, where Gavin isn’t doing a good job of controlling the dining room.

The Daily Mail stated in 2014 that 60 percent of the restaurants featured in Kitchen Nightmares had shuttered as a result of the show’s cancellation, which occurred soon after it aired.

Lanterna Kitchen Nightmares
Lanterna Kitchen Nightmares

According to a spokesperson for Ramsay at the time, “you don’t ask to take part in a show called Kitchen Nightmares if your restaurant business is booming, and it is therefore not surprising that many of the restaurants that Gordon has visited over the last ten years have now closed,” the Daily Mail reported.

Following up on that data, we performed a quick check to see how they stood in 2018 and discovered that just 15 eateries out of the 77 that featured on the program between 2007 and 2014 are still in operation. This indicates that the “horror” has come to an end for approximately 81 percent of these establishments.

Gordon learns from Alex that he was taught by a well-known Italian chef in the neighborhood, and he resolves to pay the chef a personal visit. Gordon visits Chef Mario, who is now working as a taxi driver, and he verifies that he was the one who trained Alex.

Gordon believes that Alex’s experience and expertise are limited to the Letchworth area, and he must develop his own personality in order to go beyond second-hand information.

This is the secret story of FOX’s Kitchen Nightmares, including everything from how the reality show was recorded (and how much of it was true fact) to how well restaurants fared when Ramsay’s crew took over their kitchen.

He is assisted in the kitchen by Aldona, who is a sous chef. His closest buddy, Gavin, works as the front-of-house manager, while his love, Emily, works as the hostess at the restaurant.

Gordon discovers that Alex hasn’t paid himself for four months, but that he spent £46,000 on a BMW and a personalized number plate after just two weeks of operating the restaurant. Alex is fired. Alex has re-mortgaged his home, used up all of his credit cards, and taken out loans in order to keep afloat, and he is currently in debt to the tune of £180,000.

Lanterna Kitchen Nightmares
Lanterna Kitchen Nightmares

In addition to losing £1000 a week, Alex hasn’t paid himself a wage since he first started the restaurant in 2011. As soon as Gordon walks inside the restaurant, he runs into Alex in the kitchen.

Alex is being instructed in the preparation of the new meals from the new, slimmed-down menu with lower costs. They have scheduled the relaunch night to coincide with La Lanterna’s first anniversary, and they are completely sold out.

Before they open, Gordon instills motivation in them by placing a notice at the bottom of their menu stating that they would no longer be employing microwaves or fake condiments.

As the guests begin to arrive, Alex begins to crack under the strain, and service becomes sluggish, with some clients having to wait more than an hour.

Gavin has been instructed to assist in giving the kitchen some breathing room by promoting the linguine and soup specials. In the kitchen, he discovers that there are just the two of them working and that the cuisine is Italian.

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