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Lotuseaters.com Podcast | If the internet is compared to a vast, undiscovered sea, then its websites may be thought of as the islands and continents upon which we tired sailors may come to rest after a long voyage. A person, like Odysseus returning from the sacking of Troy, might inevitably get disoriented and end up on a weird journey through unfamiliar and unfriendly territory.

Lotuseaters.com Podcast
Lotuseaters.com Podcast

A few of them include apparent hazards, while others are more subtle; one may come face to face with giants, monsters, cannibals, magicians, or seductresses, to name a few examples. Of course, there are certain areas where the norm is not followed, and these are the exceptions. Odysseus and his companions landed on the island of the Lotus-eaters at the commencement of their trip to Athens.

Lotuseaters.com Podcast
Lotuseaters.com Podcast

In accordance with the legend, this was the sole island whose people were not malicious in their actions. Almost all we know about the Lotus-eaters comes from Book 9 of Homer’s epic poem, the Odyssey:

Racist, Homophobic, Islamophobic

“For nine days, I was carried by terrible winds across the teeming sea; but on the tenth day, we set foot on the country of the Lotus-eaters, who subsist on a floral diet,” says the author. There, we got ashore and fetched water, and my companions were able to have their supper right away thanks to the speedy ships.

But after we had sampled the food and drink, I sent several of my companions to find out who the guys were who were eating bread on the ground; I picked two men and dispatched a third to act as a herald with them to discover their identities. Because of this, they went right away and interacted with the Lotus-Eaters, who did not want to kill my colleagues but instead provided them with a taste of the lotus to enjoy.

Taliban in Clown World

As soon as they had eaten of the honey-sweet fruit of the lotus, they had no desire to return or to carry the news back, but they preferred to remain among the Lotus-eaters, consuming the lotus and forgetting about their return journey….

Lotuseaters.com Podcast
Lotuseaters.com Podcast

Therefore, I dragged these men back to the ships, where I dragged them beneath the benches and bound them fast in the hollow ships; and I admonished the rest of my trusted companions to embark on the swift ships immediately, lest anyone should happen to eat of the lotus and forget his homeward way; but they refused.

Diversity in the Countryside

In such case, they jumped on board right away and took their seats on the benches, before striking the grey water with their oars while sitting perfectly in line.”

How could anybody not be intrigued by a setting like this? On the surface of things, it seems that the Island of the Lotus-eaters is a haven of peace amid a sea of malevolence, deceit, and death that Odysseus has encountered during his trip.

We hope that, in contrast to the roaring cyclone of sensationalism, misinformation, and misunderstanding that can be found on the other islands populating the wide and stormy internet, you will discover Lotuseaters.com to be a more tranquil, contemplative, and nutritious alternative to the other islands.

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