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Marilyn Manson Ribs Surgery – Marilyn Manson acknowledged that he had surgery on his ribcage in 1996, but he said that the purpose of the operation was to remove all of his ribs so that he could more comfortably flop over and suck other people’s penises. This admission was made in a statement that was posted on his website this morning. Marilyn Manson said in his statement that he had surgery on his ribcage in 1996.

Marilyn Manson Ribs Surgery
Marilyn Manson Ribs Surgery

A person on Twitter once dragged Marilyn into the public eye by disclosing that he has a r*pe chamber in the home that he owns in the Hollywood Hills. When he sold the same house in the past, it was for an unbelievable price of $1.75 million, which sparked a discussion on social media about all of the mysteries he was keeping hidden.

According to Alternative Nation, in the most recent issue of Q magazine, during a fan Q&A with Manson, a man named Keith Rathbone asked: “There was a long-standing urban legend that you had self-fellatio by having a rib surgically removed. Is this true? ” Manson responded by saying that he was aware of the urban legend and that it had been debunked. That is utter nonsensicality, but have you ever tried to suck your own cock?

In an early interview with David Letterman, Manson indicated that he enjoys being controversial. This may explain why he was in no hurry to dispute any reports, as he stated in the interview that he liked being controversial. However, we doubt that he was actually offended.

Manson said, “Wow!” once he realized the gravity of the issue and the attention that this would bring to the magazine. If I tell Keith the answer, will he compensate me for my time? He stated that this was the topic that piqued his interest. Not a single word. Keith, you are such a low-life thug!

According to Lad Bible, the story can be traced back to an arrest that was made in Florida in December 1994. At the time, authorities in that state believed that Manson had committed an “adult entertainment code” violation by performing oral sex on a man at one of his concerts. This led to the arrest. In reality, Manson was acting out oral sex on Jessicka, the vocalist for Jack Off Jill, while she was wearing a prosthetic penis. Jessica was performing the act with a fake penis.

One of the people who came out against his home was the singer Phoebe Bridgers, who recalled a day when she was a teenager and visited his property. She went on to describe how she was given a tour of the entire property, during which she was shown a r*pe chamber—something that, at first, she took to be an awful joke.

Marilyn Manson Ribs Surgery

He went on to state that he finds the concept of licking his own penis repulsive and weird, but that he doesn’t find anything unusual about the rib removal operation that he had to get right away.

The fact that Manson liked to perform in tight corsets added to the suspicions about why his ribs were taken out, which has been a hot topic of conversation for years.

However, it appears that the claim dates back to the period when he was arrested after a concert on December 27, 1994, for “violating the adult entertainment law.” This occurred after the show.

The majority of people in the audience are unaware of the fact that the unusual persona I create when I’m performing is only an act. Manson is quoted as saying, “In real life, I’m merely an ordinary guy. I’m not the kind of sick lunatic who would permanently transform his body to suck his own dick.”

Because the goth-rock musician’s music is so shocking, there have been rumors for a long time that he took part in the strange treatment at some point in his career.

After decades of false speculation, it’s a relief to finally put an end to this foolish notion once and for all. Manson should be praised for letting people know about his private life and trying to clear things up.

It was undoubtedly difficult for him, but maybe there won’t be any more stupid stories about him, such as him getting his ribs removed so he can have oral sex with other people’s penises, and nobody will pay attention to his music anymore. Hopefully, this will put an end to the speculation.

After making an incision along the spine of the patient’s back, the 11th and 12th “floating” ribs are then removed using a specialized saw. This completes the procedure. Even though this rumor has been going around for years, Manson insists that he did not remove a rib to make himself look better.

Another urban legend continues to circulate, despite the widespread knowledge that Marilyn Manson is not, in fact, Paul from The Wonder Years. Naturally, we are alluding to the hypothesis that Charles Manson attempted to commit suicide by having a rib removed from his body.

Someone who is obviously a tremendous fan of Manson got up the confidence to confront the artist himself in order to find out if he had accomplished the illusive self-suck.

According to what was published in the most recent issue of Q Magazine, an unidentified reader by the name of Keith Rathbone posed this question. “There was a persistent urban myth that self-fellatio was caused by having a rib surgically removed. This myth persisted for a long time. That is utter nonsensicality, but have you ever tried to suck your own cock?

Fans and people who work in the music industry continue to promote the unfounded urban legend that Marilyn Manson is capable of awful crimes that cannot be explained. The theory that Manson had a part of his rib cage cut out so he could suck his own d*ck is by far the one that has gained the most support.

Marilyn Manson Ribs Surgery
Marilyn Manson Ribs Surgery

The date of December 27, 1994, when Manson was held at a concert for allegedly “violating the adult entertainment law,” is likely when the tale first began to spread. According to the reports, Manson was detained by the police for a period of sixteen hours before being released without being formally charged with any crime. The cops had a suspicion that Charles Manson had had oral sex with a male concertgoer at one of his shows.

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