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Missy Higgins Dad:- Dr. Chris Higgins treated over 70 patients in Melbourne despite suffering from what he believed to be a cold. Chris Higgins, a doctor at the Toorak Clinic in Melbourne, responded to a message on Ms. Mikakos’s Facebook page by saying he was “upset at the errors and harshness of her remarks” and sought an apology.

Missy Higgins Dad
Missy Higgins Dad

Dr. Higgins became ill while on vacation in the United States, and between his return to Australia on February 29 and his positive test on Friday, he saw approximately 70 patients at the clinic and two patients in a nursing home.

He became the eleventh individual in Victoria to be diagnosed with the virus. She refused to apologize on Monday, instead of reminding healthcare staff to remain at home if they were sick, a position she has taken in the past.

She said that she had spoken with Dr. Higgins personally and wished him the best of luck in his recovery. Our recommendation to the community is that if you have returned from an overseas trip and are suffering from cold or flu-like symptoms, please remain at home. “Please do not report to work.”

Missy Higgins Dad
Missy Higgins Dad

Dr. Higgins responded to Ms. Mikakos’s Facebook post by stating that her account of events did not reflect what he had previously informed her department.

In an email, he said, “I had a little cold when I returned from the United States on Saturday morning, but it had nearly completely cured itself by Monday morning, which was the reason for my choice to return to work.”

The fact that I did not meet your requirements for testing made me hesitant to take a swab, but I did so on Thursday evening for the purpose of completeness, not expecting for a second that the results would be positive.

In the course of the controversy, it became clear that there is a considerable misunderstanding concerning Australia’s public health recommendations on coronavirus. Politicians, according to critics, have at times contradicted or overstepped the boundaries of health authorities’ recommendations.

Missy Higgins Dad

  • A doctor with flu-like symptoms showed up to work on Saturday, according to Victoria’s Health Minister, Jenny Mikakos, who expressed surprise at the situation.
  • Dr. Higgins defended himself, claiming that he had acted in accordance with government guidance.
  • Dr. Higgins had been visiting patients for the previous five days, which culminated on Friday.
  • He also saw two patients at a Malvern care home where he was a resident.
  • Those nursing home inmates, as well as other members of his clinic’s staff and close associates, have been placed in isolation in their respective rooms.
  • All of the patients he has seen in the previous five days are now required to remain at home for a week.
  • Dr. Higgins is said to have returned to Melbourne on February 29 after visiting Denver and Vail, Colorado, before traveling to Los Angeles and then back to Melbourne.
  • After testing positive for coronavirus on Friday night, he has been placed in quarantine at his residence until further notice.

Ms. Mikakos received an apology from Mr. Mikakos in a letter addressed to her. “I feel you have taken advantage of a cheap chance for political grandstanding,” he said.

Missy Higgins Dad
Missy Higgins Dad

In a statement released on February 29, Dr. Higgins, the father of well-known Australian musician Missy Higgins, stated he had returned from a vacation to the United States. It is thought that he caught the virus while traveling abroad.

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