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Olly Alexander Dad:- Olly Alexander has dyed his hair a blood-red hue to match the band’s emblem, which he has done to match the band. Despite the fact that he wears a metal safety pin in one of his ears, he has been known to grin so openly and furiously that the boundaries of his lips seem to dissolve around his little, fine-boned face.

Olly Alexander Dad
Olly Alexander Dad

When the observer first sees him, the scar on his forehead is the first thing that grabs his or her attention. “I used to run into a brick wall when I was younger,” the 27-year-old reminisces during lunch at a café in London. He extends his hand and touches the scar. “At the time, I was dressing up like a Power Ranger for fun.” Ouch.

Not until after the meeting did he realize that the cigarette had been stuck behind his ear. He rushed outside and smoked it in a furious, rapid-fire fashion. In his current position, he hunches over a salad, tucking his elbows in and grinning nervously as he eats.

“I wish I had been able to carry that confidence with me in my daily life,” he says of his pop-mode self-assurance. He, on the other hand, does not. He says dungeons are his favorite kind of clothes since they feel “like garments that give you a hug back,” which is how he describes his choice of apparel.

Olly Alexander Dad
Olly Alexander Dad

The band acquired notoriety as a result of their throbbing 90s-nostalgic dance-pop (similar to Disclosure or Clean Bandit, but with more randiness and a touch of disco). And, like Meghan Markle, Alexander ascended fast through the ranks to achieve something like music royalty status in a short period of time.

Several publications, including the Homosexual Times, have referred to him as “one of the most important homosexual music artists of our generation.” “All hail the King!” yells the assembled mob.

Alexander, along with keyboardist and synth player Emre Türkmen and bassist Mikey Goldsworthy, forms a three-piece band, but he is clearly the band’s guiding force, their chief lyricist, a risk-taker on stage with a Gaga-like sense of risk-taking, and a political voice off stage with an appealing, glitter-specked sense of activism. A sharp and hilarious public speaker on LGBTQ+ rights issues, Alexander has also opened up about his problems with mental health in an engaging and informative way.

His work was hailed as “a lifeline to troubled young people” by the Observer newspaper in 2016. Years & Years played at Glastonbury in 2016, which coincided with the release of this album. As part of the Pride weekend festivities, Alexander appeared at the event in a large choirboy smock with rainbow-colored ribbons strewn over the front and back (he was dressed as a choirboy), and he made a speech on overcoming prejudice that was warmly received. In his words, it was like “shooting a rainbow in the face of gloom.”

According to appearances, Alexander is making progress toward his goal of being a pop star, and he looks to be making progress towards his goal of becoming a pop star, according to appearances. Years & Years had an especially memorable few months in 2015, thanks to the publication of their debut studio album, which was released in 2015. In January, they were named to the BBC Sound of 2015 list, and they moved fast to the top of the UK singles chart in March, as well as the top of the album chart the following month, before announcing their departure.

Olly Alexander Dad
Olly Alexander Dad

In order for debuts to be successful, they must seem genuine, commercial, and supported by real-world power in the business, which is exactly what this one has done. There were no clattering brick walls to be discovered, and there were no clear “ouch” moments to be found. Was there a presence, or was there no presence?

It is almost time for Years & Years to complete their second studio album, which will be released this summer. According to what I’ve heard from the recordings, Alexander’s brittleness and fragility are shown in the band’s new song. This was not so obvious in the band’s first album in 2015.

The magnificent and steely man that he is when he is in pop star mode (during the photo shoot, he prowls around in heels and a collared black lace bodysuit that makes him appear like an intergalactic Queen Elizabeth I) is still there, but he is a shyer and less assured figure when he is eating lunch.

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