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Rodrigo Plastic Surgery:- Rodrigo Alves is referred to as the “Human Ken Doll” after he spent over $1 million on cosmetic treatments to improve his appearance. Although many people know her as “Ken,” the former UK Celebrity Big Brother contestant has now come out as transgender, claiming that although she has “always felt like Barbie” on the inside,

Rodrigo Plastic Surgery
Rodrigo Plastic Surgery

The 36-year-old’s obsession with cosmetic surgery started when she was 17 years old, and she has now had more than 100 surgeries at a cost of about £600,000 (NZ $1 million).

The ‘Human Ken Doll,’ a reality television personality who has gained notoriety for spending more than half a million pounds on cosmetic surgery, has become well-known.

Alves is a television personality who is half-Brazilian and half-British. Jessica Alves was born Rodrigo Alves on July 30, 1983, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, making her 36 years old.

In order to achieve her Ken Doll-like appearance, Alves is said to have spent more than $650,000, which includes having four ribs removed, a “cat-eye” lift, and so many nose surgeries that her nose began sinking and disintegrating. She has reportedly spent even more money in order to achieve a D-cup bust, larger hips, and fuller lips.

She has also erased all of her prior Instagram postings, which are now completely comprised of photographs of Alves dressed as Barbie, rather than Ken. “The human Ken doll,” Rodrigo Alves, has spent more than $750,000 on 72 cosmetic procedures to create his unusual look, which has earned him the nickname.

Rodrigo Plastic Surgery
Rodrigo Plastic Surgery

He claims that he is now coping with long-term health difficulties as a result of the procedures, including his “sinking” as a result of infections.

Despite the fact that physicians advised him against future operations and despite the health concerns, he felt a “desire” to pursue extra aesthetic treatments.

Surgical addiction, or the desire to continue going under the knife for cosmetic reasons, is one of numerous uncommon but potentially life-threatening dangers associated with cosmetic surgical procedures.

According to the Brazilian-born Londoner, her years of earlier cosmetic surgery were an effort to live as an improved version of her given male sex. She has finally found her identity in Barbie, rather than Ken, and she is happy with that decision.

“I tried for years to live my life in the manner of a guy. I was deluding myself, “it was true that I had a false six-pack put in and that I had phony muscles in my arms, but I was deluding myself,” she admits. My intellect has always been more feminine since I am a woman. “Now my body is in sync with my thoughts.”

She has been loving the masculine attention she has received as a result of her new feminine appearance, and she is looking forward to completing her metamorphosis with gender reassignment surgery.

Alves was raised in Brazil and traveled to London when she was 19 years old to pursue a degree in economics at the prestigious London School of Economics.

Whenever she was a little girl, her grandpa would buy her Barbie dolls and let her dress them however she liked. This was the source of Alves’ infatuation with dolls in the first place.

Alves worked as an air steward before starting his career as a television personality. Alves came out as transgender on January 4, 2020, according to her social media accounts. I’m known as Ken, but I’ve always felt more like Barbie on the inside.

Jessica Alves made an appearance on This Morning on July 13, 2020, to announce that she had changed her name from Rodrigo to Jessica.

Now that Rodrigo Alves, 36, has come out publicly as a transgender woman, he has accomplished more than simply a superficial transformation.

The former CelebrityBig Brother contestant has expressed her wish to be addressed as “Roddy” and has talked about her desire to accept her real gender identity.

“It feels incredible to finally be able to tell the world that I am a female,” Roddy stated in an exclusive interview with the Sunday People.

Rodrigo Plastic Surgery
Rodrigo Plastic Surgery

Roddy, who prefers to be addressed with the pronouns “her” and “she,” has been having hormone injections and is now sporting hair extensions, mascara, and a D-cup bra in order to accept her true self.

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