Tim Hack Kelly Drew

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Tim Hack Kelly Drew:- Neither Tim Hack nor Kelly Drew were older than 19 when they met at Fort Atkinson High School, where they both graduated in 2009. On August 9, 1980, they were attending a wedding reception at the Concord House, after which they intended to meet up with some of their friends.

Tim Hack Kelly Drew
Tim Hack Kelly Drew

Only, they never showed up for the appointment. The last time anybody saw them was at 11 p.m. when they were leaving the reception area. The first murders for which Edwards was convicted occurred in Ohio in 1977, and he was sentenced to death.

On August 7, 1977, William “Billy” Lavaco, 21, of Doylestown, Ohio, and his girlfriend, Judith Straub, 18, of Sterling, Ohio, had been dating for eight months when Straub’s car was discovered in the parking lot of Silver Creek Metro Park with her purse and shoes inside. Lavaca and Straub had been dating for eight months.

Tim Hack Kelly Drew
Tim Hack Kelly Drew

Tim Hack Kelly Drew

  • According to authorities, a former wanderer accused of murdering two high school sweethearts about 30 years ago admitted to cops that he had sex with the lady before standing by and watching as a gang of guys stomped the pair to death.
  • Edward Edwards, of Louisville, Kentucky, was apprehended after DNA evidence linked him to the unsolved murders of Tim Hack and Kelly Drew, who vanished from a Wisconsin wedding reception in August 1980.
  • Edward Edwards was arrested after DNA evidence linked him to the unsolved murders of Tim Hack and Kelly Drew.
  • Their remains were discovered in the woods many weeks later. The hack was stabbed, and Drew was strangled, according to investigators.
  • According to authorities, Edwards’ DNA was found in Drew’s jeans and was matched by the state crime lab.

On August 10, 1980, Hack’s father filed a missing person report for the couple. They were last seen leaving the reception at the Concord House, a dance hall in Sullivan, Wisconsin, at 11 p.m. the night before. Sullivan is roughly 40 miles west of Milwaukee and has a population of about 6,000 people. David Hack discovered his son’s vehicle in the parking lot of the hall, still locked and with his son’s money still inside.

Approximately three miles from Concord House, Drew’s torn trousers, underwear, and bra were discovered by detectives five days later in the middle of the road. The following day, Tim Hack’s corpse was discovered in the same location. Drew had been tied up and strangled, according to evidence discovered by a medical examiner, and her partner had been stabbed, according to evidence discovered by a medical examiner.

Investigators discovered that Edward W. Edwards, 76, had admitted to them following his July arrest in Louisville that he didn’t know who had slain Tim Hack and Kelly Drew, both 19 years old, according to a criminal complaint filed by Jefferson County prosecutors on Wednesday. During a wedding event at a facility near a campground where Edwards worked as a handyman in August 1980, the couple vanished without being seen.

Tim Hack Kelly Drew
Tim Hack Kelly Drew

When Edwards was first faced with the murder accusations against him, he claimed that he and Drew had had consensual intercourse. Later, he confessed to not just the Drew-Hack killings, but also to three other cold-case murders that had been unsolved at the time.

Edwards was extradited to Wisconsin in August 2009, when he was taken into custody by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and detained on a $2 million bond at the time of his transfer. Edwards entered a guilty plea in June 2010 and was sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty.

On March 8, 2011, he was sentenced to death by lethal injection for aggravated murder in connection with the Hack-Drew case, as well as abduction and aggravated murder in connection with the 1996 murder of Dannie Law Gloeckner, who was his foster son at the time. Edwards died from a natural cause on April 7, 2011, at the Corrections Medical Center in Columbus, less than a month before his planned execution on August 31, 2011.

Edwards was sentenced to death on August 31, 2011. The next day, family members gathered in the parking lot while Norton police, assisted by a National Guard aircraft, searched through the thick weeds. They discovered Lavaca and Straub, who were lying on the ground, had been shot at point-blank range with a 20-gauge shotgun by the officers. In 2010, he was sentenced to life in prison for these offenses.

April Balascio contacted police in 2009 about the cold-case murders of Wisconsin adolescents Kelly Drew and Tim Hack, who had been missing since 2007. In 1980, she suspected that Edward Wayne Edwards, a former Marine who had done time in jail for arson and robbery, was responsible for choking and stabbing her husband and wife to death.

Mr. Edwards had had an unorthodox life, which included frequent travel and earning money as a handyman. He’d also been on the FBI’s Most Wanted List and had authored a book, which made him even more wanted. But probably most remarkable of all was his tie to the lady who turned him in. Edward Wayne Edwards was the father of April Balascio, who was the one who called the police.

Tim’s father saw his son’s vehicle parked outside the Concord House with no sign of Tim in it. Tim’s father immediately called 911. The only items that remained locked up were his wallet, which held $67 in cash, his jacket, and his checkbook.

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