Video Visit

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Video Visit | It might be quite difficult to get to the prison in order to see an inmate. This jail now offers Video Visitation Anywhere, which allows you to visit with your incarcerated loved one from anywhere in the world, including your home, library, office, or any other location where you have internet access using your AndroidTM or Apple® smartphone, tablet, or computer with a built-in webcam.

Video Visit
Video Visit

When it comes to connecting with your loved one via the internet, video visitation is a fantastic option. You won’t have to worry about unexpected crowds or extremely packed visiting hours. Arrangements for visits with offenders may be made and payments made in advance, enabling you to meet with inmates at a time that is convenient for you.

Video Visit
Video Visit

The following are the two kinds of Video Visitation services we provide:

Video Visits in the Comfort of Your Own Home

  • These video visits may be carried out at your convenience at home using a PC computer, laptop, or mobile device (Android).
  • With video visits in the comfort of your own home, you may save money on travel expenditures, time, lengthy lines, and parking fees.
  • Reduce stress on children by allowing them to communicate without having to physically visit the institution.
  • On-site video visits are available.
  • Video visits are done on-site at the institution via the use of visiting stations.
  • You will still be needed to go to the institution in order to get these visits.
  • You may plan, register, and pay for (if applicable) the visit in advance using our user-friendly website.
  • Then, using the internet, you may perform the visit in real-time.

What It Does and How It Works

  • Check to determine whether the institution where your offender is being held has video visitation.
  • If video visitation is available at the institution, visit to find out more. Register yourself as well as any other guests who will be participating in the visitations.
  • Choose the facility in which your loved one is being cared for.
  • Look for your prisoner and add them to your list.
  • To begin the scheduling procedure, click on the “Schedule” button.
  • When you schedule your appointment, you will be given an estimate of the cost of your visit. You will need to provide your credit card or debit card details to finish the scheduling procedure. You will get an email confirming your visit as well as a receipt for your visit.
  • Visitation scheduling must be completed 15 minutes prior to your planned appointment if you are having an at-home video consultation. Check your internet connection and then go to the next step to begin your visit.
  • Arrive at the facility at least 15 minutes before the scheduled check-in time for on-site video visits. It is necessary to provide valid picture identification. On-site visits are governed by the guidelines established by each institution. Please familiarise yourself with the regulations before arriving.
  • Additional helpful information and a list of relevant questions concerning visits, scheduling, and facility regulations may be found in our visitation FAQs, which are available in English and Spanish.
Video Visit
Video Visit

What It Will Set You Back

Visitation expenses vary depending on the jail institution and the length of time spent there. It is possible that various sorts of visits may have varying charges or will have no fees at all. At the time of scheduling, all fees related to visits are clearly disclosed on the screen. Visitors are aware of all of their alternatives and may make an informed decision based on their preferences for their visit.

Methods of Making a Payment

We will ask for your payment information when you schedule a fee-based video visitation using our visitation website. This will allow us to finish the scheduling process and charge your account. Debit cards, charge cards, and Visa/Mastercard gift cards are all accepted as forms of payment.


First and foremost, you must register for a Securus Online account before you can begin utilizing Securus Video ConnectSM. To get started, go HERE and click “Sign Up” to establish your account and add Securus Video ConnectSM to your account right now. The information you provide will be verified, and you will be requested to provide identification.

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