Who Is Machine Gun Kelly Daughter

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Who Is Machine Gun Kelly Daughter | Machine Gun (also known as a machine gunner) When Kelly took his daughter Casie Colson Baker to the American Music Awards in 2021, he received positive feedback from the audience? In contrast to Kelly’s prior famous relationships, Emma Cannon, the mother of his daughter, does not seem to be in the public eye at all.

Who Is Machine Gun Kelly Daughter
Who Is Machine Gun Kelly Daughter

Due to the fact that they met before he became renowned, nothing is known about her. Date night with the father and daughter! Machine Gun (also known as a machine gunner) In attendance at the American Music Awards on Sunday, November 21, was Kelly’s daughter, Casie.

A photo of the 31-year-old musician and his 12-year-old kid was taken outside the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles before the awards ceremony started on Sunday. Kelly (born Colson Baker) and Casie both donned black attire and smiled for the camera while playing fully interlocking their pinky fingers.

Who Is Machine Gun Kelly Daughter
Who Is Machine Gun Kelly Daughter

The Ohio native and his ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon had their kid in July 2009. Kelly was overjoyed at the prospect of working with Casie on a forthcoming thriller named One Way earlier this year, and she shared her excitement with us.

As the “Bloody Valentine” singer noted on Twitter in February, “My daughter is in this movie alongside me, and I just read her name on the press release, and I’m a proud father.”

We do know she is a terrific mother, though, as shown by a picture she shared on Instagram in 2013 with the caption: “Happy Mother’s Day to the finest mother I’ve ever seen first hand.”

It is unclear how long the two were together before parting ways, but we do know that they were at least in their adolescent years when they began dating since Kelly became a father when he was just 18 years old, bringing their daughter into the world.

“Rap Devil” singer Colson Baker appeared on the red carpet at the American Music Awards on Sunday in a bespoke bedazzled Ashton Michael ensemble, while his daughter Casie, 12, walked the carpet in a floor-length black gown.

During the unusual father-daughter excursion, the singer held his daughter, whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon, in his embrace. They were captured at one point kissing their thumbs and locking their pinky fingers together in what seemed to be a secret handshake, according to the photographer.

In addition to winning the award for Favorite Rock Artist, MGK also received a standing ovation from the audience, who heard him say that he was accepting the award on behalf of “all the aspiring musicians, the one who wants to play an instrument, wants to rap, wants to see – not just the rock artists, but the artists who are rock stars.”

Who Is Machine Gun Kelly Daughter
Who Is Machine Gun Kelly Daughter

Machine Gun Kelly had a different date on Sunday when his fiancée Megan Fox was unable to attend due to shooting obligations, but he still turned heads on the red carpet for the 2021 American Music Awards.

Machine Gun Kelly appeared on the red carpet at the American Music Awards on Sunday with his 12-year-old daughter Casie, who accompanied him.

Casie donned a traditional black cut-out gown, while her father, 31, sported a silver-studded black long sleeve and black slacks, as well as a spiked choker, for the occasion.

Before walking away, the two of them locked their pinkies and kissed their thumbs together as if they were making a commitment to each other, before giggling about it.

With her famous father on the red carpet, Casie Colson Baker, MGK’s 12-year-old daughter with ex-wife Emma Cannon, wore a matching black and white ensemble with her famous father, frequently clutching his hand in a fun manner.

At one point on the carpet, the two of them linked pinkies and kissed their thumbs in a hilarious manner. Casie told Entertainment Tonight that she was having a good time with her “wonderful dad.”

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