To Update Your Packages

Spread the love To Update Your Packages | The on-screen displays of Smart TVs may appear to be very similar to some of the on-screen displays of Xfinity TVs; however, if your Smart TV is connected to the Internet and requires an update, it will prompt you to complete the update, which may cause your TV viewing to be interrupted for a brief period of time. An Xfinity TV update will be carried out automatically, with no involvement from the user, and should have no effect on your television watching. To Update Your Packages To Update Your Packages

If you are unable to distinguish between the on-screen displays of your Smart TV and your Xfinity TV, you should first try navigating using your Xfinity TV remote control. If this does not work, then try navigating using the remote control that came with your Smart TV. To Update Your Packages To Update Your Packages

When exploring material on the Xfinity Stream online site, the Xfinity Stream Beta app on Roku, or the Xfinity Stream app for Android mobile devices, you may find a TV show or movie that is not included in your current Xfinity TV subscription and would want to watch it instead. The online portal provides the opportunity to update your membership straight via the web portal in order to see certain types of media material.

Your Subscription Has Been Upgraded

  • Please check that you are using an operating system and web browser that are compatible with the Xfinity Stream online site before attempting to upgrade your subscription.
  • (See a list of Roku devices that are compatible.)
  • Operating systems and web browsers that are supported
  • Operation Systems: Windows 7 and above, Mac OS X 10.6 and higher
  • Internet Explorer 11 and above, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome 31 and above, Safari 10 and above, and Firefox 24 and above are all examples of browsers.
  • In the case of unsupported operating systems and browsers, the following notice will be displayed:
  • Because of this, your machine is incompatible with Xfinity Stream. To Update Your Packages To Update Your Packages

Important Points to Keep in Mind:

A notice will appear on your television screen if a show needs that you have an active Internet connection at home in order to view it. You will be asked to confirm that you would want to increase your Xfinity TV membership.

You will be prompted to connect to your home WiFi in order to see the video.

The HD service must be added to your account if you are currently an SD-only client and intend to subscribe to an HD channel using the Xfinity Stream Beta app on Roku. The message confirming this need will be presented before you are asked to confirm your decision.

For customers who are only utilizing standard definition (SD) service and are using the Xfinity Stream app for iOS or Android, or accessing the Xfinity Stream Web Portal, there will be no on-screen notification to upgrade to HD service.

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