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Zedd Squid Game Remix | EDC Las Vegas returned spectacularly last weekend, bringing with it some of the most memorable festival events in recent memory. On Sunday night, Zedd performed a cosmic MEADOW set in which he mashup 23’s “Pink Soldiers,” which everyone will recognize as the eerie and haunting music from Netflix’s most popular show, “Squid Game,” with Acraze’s breakout house hit “Do It To It.” This was one of the most viral and talked about moments of the festival and was captured on video.

Zedd Squid Game Remix
Zedd Squid Game Remix

The remix has turned out to be fantastic, and the fans are enthralled by it. We can’t get enough of it, even if it is a brief mix, and we can’t stop listening to it. The responses are worth noting, and given the widespread popularity of the Squid game, this remix has already spread over the internet.

Zedd Squid Game Remix
Zedd Squid Game Remix

Zedd’s remix of the Squid Game’s main theme song?

According to what you may have suspected, the well-known DJ we were talking about before is Zedd, and as previously said, the DJ has created a remix of the Squid game’s theme music (Not official). He has combined the theme song with “Pink Soldiers” and “Cherish” to create a new song called DO it To it!

Is the Zedd Squid Game Remix now available for purchase?

More precisely, neither the Squid game nor Zedd has released an official tune with this title. Instead, this is one of those haphazard mixes that invigorates the crowd during a live performance, and everyone gets into it. If you look at the live concert video, you will understand what we are talking about.

The following are essential elements to remember about the Zedd Squid Game Remix:

  • The Zedd Squid game’s theme music has been reworked to include the Do It to Its song as an instrumental.
  • The song was performed live at the electric daisy carnival in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2021.
  • In terms of music, it is known as the ASOM, and many individuals have remixed it and several YouTube videos based on it.
  • In addition to being excellent, the Squid game recordings and the tune are among the most significant cuts ever seen.
  • We can even see that, given the high level of suspense in the series and the large number of stories that can be related to while playing the game, the song is one of the things of fun and interest in the series.
  • People’s opinions on the Zedd Squid Game Remix include the following:
  • We can see that there are a lot of comments on the new remix, which seems to be being played on a variety of different platforms. Users and layers alike like the DJ mixing, which has resulted in a large number of YouTube videos dedicated to the song.
Zedd Squid Game Remix
Zedd Squid Game Remix

Some individuals find the game frightening, yet they still like the music.

However, even if it isn’t officially considering the fans’ reactions, we believe that Zedd or authorities from Squid game may be considering publishing a complete version of this Zedd Squid Game Remix. However, since the concert tape has become so popular, many fans worldwide are creating extended versions of the remix to share with others.

Immediately after posting the epic video of the set intro mashup, which included fireworks on the drop, to his social media accounts, it became a viral sensation overnight. The mashups and remixes of the hit game ‘Squid Game’ are all the rage right now, with other significant DJs joining in on the fun, and this is unquestionably one of the most popular. Acraze’s “Do It To It,” which was released back in August, was deemed the “tune of the summer” by DJ Snake, and he couldn’t have been more accurate.

Final Words

After releasing this mashup on YouTube (which includes graphics by Gabe Damast) and Soundcloud, Zedd has invited fans to listen to it repeatedly. You can see the Zedd cut right here, and don’t forget to check out the spectacular footage from EDC Las Vegas down below as well.

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